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100 Babies 100 Babies

Rated 5 / 5 stars

"... and now my dick fucking hurts!"

Oh lord! Where do you get the ideas for this from? XD

Everything about this was mental; you got a white guy with a Chinese kid who plays the xylophone and all these characters knocking at the door and women offering sex! Christ, that line he says about his dick hurting was priceless!

I really liked the photo-shopped characters, especially that agent guy with the opposing eyeballs! Are you going to do any more like this?

You know I'm a fan of all your cartoons but I especially like these "feature length" episodes you do that just become more and more bizarre as they go on :D

I honestly thought that "Mona's Time" was one of your strangest 'toons but I think you've outdone yourself with this instant classic!

Also, that baby drummer was a masterstroke!

VOTED 5 = 3.28 / 5.00 (+ 0.019)

"Play that fucking music, Chinese boy!"


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JunkYardAnimations responds:

you bring tears to my eyes, and cum to my dick with such a great review

BlownOutOfProportion:Ep3 BlownOutOfProportion:Ep3

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hysterical (and disturbing)!

From the "Red Bull" piss take and gratuitous sex scenes to the impulsive masturbation and David Hasselhoff reference, this cartoon had it all!

As I've said before the "BooP" series is among your finest work and I loved the little background jokes which flew by quick enough to provide extra laughs but also give a reason to re-watch the episode.

The conversation between the kids at the bus stop had me in stitches, even the second time I watched :D

As always excellent voice work.

In conclusion:

This cartoon was a twisted, delirious and hysterical masterpiece which left me with tears of joy in my eyes and the taste of vomit in the back of my throat.
Never stop doing these!

"See you later masterbator!"


JunkYardAnimations responds:

hahahaha wicked! awesome review thanks.. the bus stop conversation was actually longer but i felt it dragged on far too long so i shortened it and was still afraid that people wouldn't find it that funny or too long but i think it was a clever absurd... obnoxious conversation and im glad u said that it left u in stitches haha...and that nerd alert picking a fight with them after added to it even more because he was so outraged haha

Spider-Man WOOH! 2 Spider-Man WOOH! 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Genuinely Hilarious...............................

I was actually snooping around your profile over the weekend hoping you had submitted another one of these. Alas, you had not...

...but I was glad to catch this while it was still "under judgement".

These are so genuinely hilarious and I can't get enough of the voices - you even managed to characterise the "cake girl". Peter Parker and J. Jonah Jameson are priceless: "Bitch! Blow job, NOW!"

I'm sorry to hear that there is only one more left in the series but you should DEFINITELY consider doing others: I'd love to see the HULK (2003 AND 2008) or the new Batman films given the same treatment.

I believe Part B and this one were my favorites. I really envy your voice acting talents.

These should be scoring at least in the 3.80's+ and I'm sure they would be if they had been submitted by *insert-name-of-over-rated-video-game -parody- artist-here*.
I'd love to see one of these get an award.

I realise this review is going to be marked as "useless" by some toothless inbred who feels that this submission doesn't belong here so to counter-act this I must end by saying:


Ahh.. that's better.. I really feel part of the community now...

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Dekathos responds:

YES! Ha ha.

I will put the last one tomorrow or Thursday. It actually has a theme to it. I've never seen the new Hulk. I still want to though. If I ever did another one of these it would of been either a mock of the Star Wars prequels or something like you said about both new Batman movies together. I would love to keep it to one file though somehow. But that's just in my head. It would of been neat I suppose.

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Notepad Drawing Collab 09 Notepad Drawing Collab 09

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This turned out GREAT!

You did a bang-up job organising this, JKA! Everybody involved displayed equal amounts of sex appeal and talent!

I especially liked Turkey-On-A-Sticks entry (He should have been co-authored!).

The only person who let the team down was "Sorbitol", a maverick charlatan whom I hope dies in a car crash or, failing that, improves his painting skills in time for next year >:(

P.S: MARIO FUCKING ROCKS!!! (Mario is the hedgehog, right?)

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JKAmovies responds:

lol. I'm glad you liked it and thanks for the comment :D

Communist Bunny Communist Bunny

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I'm giving this top marks in the hope that it will encourage you to complete it! You've really got somthing good here!

ActionScript Explained #3 ActionScript Explained #3

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Thakyou so much for this! I've been using flash for over a year and I really find Actionscript quite difficult.
You explained some basic thing very clearly and I will definetley check out parts 1&2!
A useful, informative and easy to follow tutorial which will be of great help!
Thanks again!
Adrian (sorbitol).

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thequackattack responds:

I'm glad I can help! Thanks you the review!

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Hocus Shooter Hocus Shooter

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I made the score go up! :D

Vote: 5

4.14 / 5.00 (+ 0.34)

This is an excellent piece of music! So many interesting sounds and little rhythms.

It won't keep still!

I like your games.
I like your music.
And most importantly, I like your Front Page Posts.

I will add this to my favorites!

Thank you, good sir!

GameBalance responds:

Someone likes my front page posts :P

But WTF it not matter compare to that someone likes my music! x-:)=


Smokin' Marijuana. Smokin' Marijuana.

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I smoke marijuana but I don't inhale..............

I gotta admit that I quite liked this although I somewhat oppose the giddy sentiment...

People I have known over the years have been rendered vegetables by bad habits that have spiraled out of control. It's all a case of MODERATION! As long as you're enjoying the herb occasionally with friends then things are cool.

Problems start when you're waking up a 3am with a Crack syringe stuck in your prostate and somebody else's vomit in your mouth.

You seem like a nice chap so I will give you 9 stars.

I liked the "Funk Out" towards the end.

Keep smoking' (occasionally) but try to enjoy life without relying too much on the herbal remedies ;)

-sorbitol (drug free and proud).

TheCriminalDuder responds:

Awesome review! I agree with ya - though sometimes its fun to indulge heavily with friends just like when a bunch of buds get wasted beyond extreme. :P
Even I don't consider myself a heavy user. Some people I know get high 20 + times a day. :O

Glad ya liked it! Rock on!

JustADream JustADream

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Charming and Unique...

I found this really charming and unique.
It's the sort of thing I'd love to use in a cartoon but there is one problem which is the actual quality of the recording.

There is a lot of "muffling", especially during the third verse.
I'm not sure if "muffled" is a real word but if it is it would be a verb meaning "obscured sounds" - or something.

Other than that the lyrics were great and I loved this song.

I really love the slightly broken delivery of the word "stride" at 0:42.
That was truely special.

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deadspread83 responds:

I'm glad you liked it. I'm not very good with sound, but I think I fixed most of the muffling. I appreciate the kind words.