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"As regards to favoriting you "Sorbitol" Absolutely no chance!! You are a nice guy and have great cartoons but you are riddled with politically correct socialist activists and are sooo biased I would not dream of going "official" with you..."



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The other day I saw a bee and it was going quite fast. It made me wonder how fast a bee can actually go.

Is it the same speed as a wasp?

What exactly is a wasp?

In one of his books, Charlie Brooker outlined a similar conundrum; as he was going about the everyday, boring life of a 36-year-old man it suddenly occurred to him that he didn't know what rice was.

"Is it a fruit?" he pondered.

"Is it a vegetable?"

After a moment of further consideration he eventually came to the conclusion that rice is probably a grain and his concerns were immediately pacified.

I suppose what I'm trying to say is, I have just submitted a cartoon to Newgrounds which I hope will challenge the very fabric of what it is you thought you think you know about and about what it is you thought you think you knew (but didn't).

The Inspirational Adventures Of Tyler The Socialist Dog.

This cartoon was devilishly fun to make and if I get enough angry reviews I promise to start work on an immediate sequel.

Oh, if you do watch this joyous cartoon and it's not quite to your liking then here are a few 'toons that caught my eye over the festive season:

Best Friends by (TommysUsername)

Rapez by xavier (marciano)

Fat Sicko by LSD265

He-Man & Skeletor BBF by Klimdeeni

I was going to embed an hilarious You-Tube clip but I've just been that told it's not an "allowed" site.

Instead, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very late Merry Christmas and a spiritually prosperous New Year.

-Sorbitol (Tempest) Onassis.

P.S: How fast is a bee?

How Fast is a Bee?

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